Field of Activity of the Center:

  • To provide an interdisciplinary working environment that will better understand and develop the quality of civil society, non-profit organizations and philanthropy, develop new educational programs, carry out research studies, and establish a partnership relationship between civil society and philanthropic leaders in line with the aims of the Center.
  • To examine the historical development, financial situation, activities, contributions to the economy and society, management structures, management needs and legal framework of foundations in Türkiye..
  • To carry out national and international scientific events such as congresses, symposiums, panels, seminars related to the subject area, to participate in such events and to support such events.
  • To make scientific publications in the relevant field, to announce the results of research and studies to the scientific world by publishing them in books, journals, periodicals, brochures and similar formats.
  • To create a printed and visual archive and library by collecting all kinds of documents, photographs, films and similar materials related to its subject.
  • Contributing to the development of existing foundations.
  • To continue research studies that will guide the strategic development plans and practices of the private sector, non-profit organizations, foundations and non-governmental organizations in philanthropy and related fields, and to educate future generations with applied education programs.
  • To cooperate with relevant public institutions, national and international organizations, real persons and private sector in order to achieve the objectives specified in Article 5.